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 All about Clan

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PostSubject: All about Clan   Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:41 pm

Angel of darkness was established in 2010. with few friends from different part of Ex Yu. The main cause was to gather friends on one place so we can enjoy game and friendship. Team is also interested in competitive aspect of the game until the principles of fairplay are respected, without cheating, and using things which are considered as hacks. Angel Of Darkness is primarily Call of Duty 2 team. Team now has 15 members, mostly from Ex Yu, but there is some people form other parts of Europe. Team is started by John H. Miller, ŠIšmiš, and Almir, later Joint and Adis came too. After few months team is expanded with new members, Xerox, Medman, Gjuro (later Executioner). Later additional players joined the club, some stayed some left. First ones to enter the team
are Miller Šišmiš Almir Gjuro and Xeorx who through association, game and friendship came to the idea to rent server in witch they can hang out and play ( which is accomlished ).
Team members:
Almir, Adis, Taby_po (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Gjuro (Executioner), Xerox, DwixXx (Croatia), Šišmiš (Montenegro), Miller, Khamis el Gaddafi, Joint (Serbia), LifeGoesOn (Macedonia), Diablo
Every day team is more and more popular.
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All about Clan
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