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 Rules For WaR!!!

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John H.Miller
John H.Miller

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PostSubject: Rules For WaR!!!   Sat Feb 25, 2012 1:51 am

1.War could not be played if leaders ar not notified about it.
2.War must be scheduled one or two days before or if arranged otherwise.
3.During the war team must use TS3 (You can downlad it on our site).
4.War must be played with UAC3 (You can downlad it on our site).
5.For war there are predetermined players which will play.
6.During the war there musnt be any discuss with other players, if so, You will be changed.
7.Everything about war You can find in Forum.

  • If You are not seted for playing war, You must NOT come to server during the war, because You can turn the attention of players that are playing war!
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Rules For WaR!!!
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