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 SD team in future

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PostSubject: SD team in future   Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:19 am

All and only SD team members need to answer questions below

1. Can you instal 1.3 version,and do you have orig. cd-key?
2. How often you can come online, if not, why?
3. Post your Facebook profile, if you have/want!
4. Do you have any suggestion you wanna share with us all?

my answers on all those questions, and why did I ask them....

1. If you didnt see, 1.0 version is slowly coming to an end, and if we want to keep playing wars, and stay competitive, we need to switch on 1.3v...more people there and more clans!
2. Most of you guys in SD team doesnt come online, just few of us, and i wanna know your reason for not coming online, what ever it is...
3. If you didnt know, our clan have facebook page, and it is more easyer to contact you guys ower FB then XF, if we need you something, and thats all
4. I would like to know what do you thik about all, and I would appreciate if you have something to recommend.

pis on ME
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SD team in future
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